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By , June, 1999. Updated April 23, 2012.

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April, 2012

Completed the site redesign, re-formatting about 350 pages. Added two pages based on James Brewer's scrapbooks: 35th Fighter Squadron in WW2 and P-39 Airacobras of the 35th.

July, 2011

Started major site redesign, including a blue nav bar on top, a two-column layout, Addthis social bookmarking buttons, and a footer. Moved the Search form up into the navbar. Required changes to all 320+ pages. Completed 90 by July 4.


Extensive pruning of "low quality" content, per the great Google Panda update of April 11, 2011. Eliminated many links from site home page drop-down menu.

Mar. 2011

Russian Planes and Pilots

Added page on female firsts in aviation.

Feb. 2011

Did a lot of site maintenance: removed broken Rewteet buttons that were preventing pages from loading, removed dead links identified with the excellent KLinkStatus tool, added title attributes to images linked with <a > tags, removed many links to defunct bookstore and forum, improved meta description tags.

Pictures from a Seabee in Okinawa, 1945.

Newspaper clippings of Russell Brown in Korea

September, 2010

My latest project: a LEGO fan site.

April, 2010

Added 15 pages based on my Dad's WW2 experiences on the USS Denebola (AD-12).

December, 2009

More of Fred Olds' poplar model airplanes.

Revised the Nose Art section, into four separate pages, with thumbnails on each page: B-17 nose art from the ETO, B-24 nose art from Okinawa, more B-24 nose art, and B-26 nose art.

Added a collection of aircrew war stories, mostly from men who served on aircraft carriers in WW2.

Added Facebook Share buttons (since replaced with Addthis).

Four naval bombers of the Pacific War: Douglas TBD Devastator, Douglas SBD Dauntless, Nakajima B5N Kate, and Aichi D3A1 Val

Supermarine Spitfire page - recollections of Bill Mcrae

Added Google Friend Connect to most pages. See nav bar at bottom.

July, 2009

A page on model airplanes.

A brief biograpy of WW2 German test pilot Rudolf Opitz.

Recovered some blog history: The Politburo Diktat and UNSCAM - The Oil-for-Food Scandal

January, 2009

Jan. 4 - article on the historical accuracy of the movie 'Valkyrie'

December, 2008

Dec. 23 - New page on the Heinkel He 111 bomber.

Dec. 22 - New Section (10 pages) on Soviet Orders and Medals

Dec. 19 - New section (9 pages) on British Military and Campaign Medals

New page for Hans-Joachim Marseille.

Added a new section on WW2 German planes and pilots,
- separating out some pilot pages: Barkhorn, Kittel, Rudorffer, and Rall.
- adding pages for the Me 262 jet fighter, Me 163 Komet rocket interceptor, the Ju 88 fighter/bomber, and the Bf 110 twin engine fighter.

Dec. 13 - Added a page on WWI French fighter planes.

Created a page on WW2 Museums

Added a section on WW2 Weapons

Greatly expanded the Pictures of World War Two section

November, 2008

Re-organized the U.S. Military Medals section

Added several pages about German Medals of WW2

Historical Aviation Photo Archives, picture galleries of WW2 fighter planes, bombers, airfields, etc.

October, 2008

Ships of U.S. Navy in WW2, a large update to this section, adding a lot of battleships, aircraft carriers, and escort carriers

April, 2008

History of Airplanes, a major new section begun, a Wordpress-powered directory of all airplanes (the ultimate goal)

What's New from 1999 through 2007