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B-24 Photos

B-24 Nose Art

photos of B-24s, taken by Richard Powers in WW2
and Capt. L.S. Levy in Korea

By , Apr. 2002. Updated January 24, 2012.

This set, Pictures 1 - 16, were provided by Pam Powers, taken by her father, Richard F. Powers, Pacific theater WW2, gunner/photographer, 50 missions for US Army Air Corps.

In 1945, the Marines were on Okinawa, on the Morotai Peninsula. Army Air Force B-24s were located nearby. Presumably many of these photos are of those B-24s. Many from the 22nd Bomb Group, "The Red Raiders."

Photo #17, Hollywood Hangover, is of a B-24 flown during the Korean War. The pilot was USAF Captain L.S. Levy. This photo was likely taken in 1951 as it is included in a series of photographs, mostly of bombing raids, dated from January through March of that year. Prior to enlisting in the Army Air Corps in WWII, Captain Levy was a resident of Los Angeles, Ca, hence the Hollywood reference. You can tell the crew was quite busy (and successful) based on the number of bombs stenciled on the side of the fuselage. (submitted by his son, Rick Levy)

Click on the thumbnails shown here, for somewhat larger pictures. The original photographs seem to have been taken with an inexpensive box camera like the common Kodak Brownie; they do not have great resolution. My favorites of this set are "Round Trip Ticket" and "Mad Russian." Also, "Hollywood Hangover" has much better resolution than the others.

Barbara JeanPic 1 - Barbara Jean
Round Trip TicketPic 2 - Round Trip Ticket
Star EyesPic 3 - Star Eyes
unknownPic 4
B-24 in flightPic 5 - a B-24 in flight
Mad RussianPic 6 - Mad Russian
Pappy's ...Pic 7 - Pappy's ...
The Lady is FreshPic 8 - The Lady is Fresh
Cocktail HourPic 9 - Cocktail Hour
Rum and CokPic 10 - Rum and Coke
Pix_11Pic 11
Shoo Shoo BabyPic 12 - Shoo Shoo Baby
Pix_13Pic 13
Liberty Belle IIPic 14 - Liberty Belle II
Slightly DangerousPic 15 - Slightly Dangerous
Patient KittenPic 16 - Patient Kitten
Hollywood HangoverPic 17 - Hollywood Hangover

My thanks to Pam Powers for making these photos available. If you have any original, unpublished pictures of WWII nose art or decoration that you would like posted, please email them to me. Webmaster