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Model B-52

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Poplar wood models of WW2 airplanes

By , Dec. 2009. Updated January 23, 2012.

Making model airplanes from plastic model kits always challenged me. But my friend Fred Olds actually makes them out of poplar wood, from scratch. The beautifully finished and painted models that he sent me a few months ago speak for themselves. He shared a few more recently.

Fred also makes models on commission. Send me an email if you would like him to make a model for you. They are flawlessly finished and absolutely beautiful; would look great in an office, den, or family room. They have a 50 inch plus wing span on multiple engine planes; fighters are up to 30 inch wing span.

P-47 Thunderbolt


P-61 Black Widow

model P-61 Black Widow

Ted's Model

Ted's model

PBY - in progress

model PBY Catalina - work in  progress

Japanese Zero

model Japanese Zero

P-40 Warhawk

model P-40 Warhawk, on display at airport


model Islander

F-6F Hellcat

model F6F Hellcat


model C-47A

Fokker Triplanes

two model Fokker triplanes

B-17 and two P-51 Mustangs

B-17 and P-51 models