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Iron Cross, 2nd Class

German WW2 Campaign Medals

Awarded to participants of various campaigns

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Russian Front or "Frozen Meat" award - Winter Campaign in Russia medal (the "Frozen Meat" award)

Czech occupation medal - Czech occupation medal

Krim Shield - Krim Shield

Feldmarschall von Manstein introduced on 25 July 1942 a bronze shield that had at its top an army eagle, the wings just breaking the edge of the shield, clutching a wreath surrounding a Swastika in its talons. On either side of the wreath are the dates 1941 and 1942 respectively. Beneath this is a map of the Crimean region, with the major rivers and six towns marked on it, and impressed on to this map is the word 'KRIM'. The badge was to reward the troops engaged in operations in this region from the period 21 September 1941 to 4 July 1942.

The Criteria for the award were:
1) To have served in the region for three months.
2) To have taken part in at least one major operation against the enemy.
3) To have been wounded whilst serving in that region.
It was awarded on a back cloth in the color of the branch of the Service to which the recipient belonged. It is estimated that over 100,000 awards of this shield were rendered during the period of award.

Spanish Blue Division medal - Spanish Blue Division medal

West Wall medal - West Wall medal