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The M1C and M1D were sniper versions of the M1 Garand.

When World War Two started, there was a large demand for scoped rifles, and this lead to the adoption of the M1903A4 and also to production of a sniper version of the M1 Garand. Work was slow, and M1C was not delivered until June of 1944, when it was adopted as the standard issue sniper rifle and replaced the M1903A4. The M1D was adopted in September of 1944 as a "Substitute Standard".

Only small numbers of M1C/D's made it to the frontlines in WWII, so they were never really battle tested until the Korean conflict, when they were still the standard issue sniper rifle. They proved satisfactory with fairly reliable hit percentages from 400 to 600 yards. The 2.5 power scopes severely limited the maximum range of the M1 sniper rifle.

The two models differed only in the telescope mounts. The M1C mounted a model M81 2.5X telescope; the M1D an M82 2.5X telescope. Both models were used as sniper rifles during World War II, Korea, and during the early years of the Vietnam war. Although considered obsolete, the M1D remained the official U.S. Army sniper rifle until the mid-1960s. Both versions used the standard Army .30-06 cartridge loaded manually, or in eight-round clips.

Information on this page courtesy of U.S. Army TACOM-Rock Island.

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