Bob Latshaw F-86A with armaments

F-86A with armaments

F-86A in color

F-86A in color

Photos courtesy National Museum of USAF


Korean War Ace

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Born in St Louis, Missouri -

Enlisted in the US Army Air Force as a private - 7 July 1943

Completed pilot training and commissioned as a second lieutenant - 26 January 1945

Promoted to Captain - 16 January 1951

Sent to Korea with 335th FSI/4th FIW, flying F-86 Sabre jets - late 1951

Downed a MiG 15 near Pyongyang (his first kill) - 25 January, 1951

Claimed a MiG 15 near Songhyon-dong - 19 March, 1951

Destroyed two more MiGs - April, 1951

Made ace (his fifth aerial victory) by shooting down a MiG near Yangsi - 3 May 1952

Died in flying accident in Venezuela - Buy 'Korean War Aces' at

Aerial Victories: 5 confirmed and 4 damaged

Medals: Distinguished Flying Cross with 2 OLC's and the Air Medal with 5 OLC's


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