Eighth Air Force insignia

A.A. "Archie" Harrington

Night Fighter Ace of the RCAF

By , Dec. 2002. Updated July 6, 2011.

Lt. A.A. "Archie" Harrington was a USAAF pilot on detachment to 410 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force. He shot down 7 enemy aircraft between March and November 1944 - three in one night! His navigator / radar operator was Sgt. (later Flying Officer) D.G. Tongue.

14/15 March 1944. Ju 188 destroyed near Hildenborough, U.K. Aboard Mosquito NF.XIII HK521.

Mosquito was returning to base after an uneventful patrol when they saw incendiaries, bomb bursts and searchlight beams. Although short of fuel, they investigated and saw an aircraft. This released showers of windows and took skillful evasive action, however the Mosquito was able to maintain contact. Harrington eventually got a visual on a Ju 88, and fired 35 rounds from the cannon. Strikes flashed on the cockpit and wing roots, a red glow appeared in the cockpit, and both engines burst into flames. The fire grew until it enveloped the whole centre section of the aircraft and a solid sheet of flames streamed back, two or three times the length of the aircraft. Large pieces of debris flew off and explosions erupted through the flames as the Ju went down through the clouds, its course marked by a vivid glow. Suddenly there was a brilliant flash, and then darkness closed in. As the bomber went down Lt. Harrington flew around it noting the large black crosses on the fuselage and the swastika on the tail fin. E/A Ju 188 B3+CK of 2./KG 54 - Unteroffizier H. Heide and his crew bailed out before the e/a crashed at 23.16 at Hildenborough, Kent.

18/19 June 1944. Ju 88 destroyed near Vire, France. Aboard Mosquito NF.XIII MM571, squadron letters RA-Y.

26/27 September 1944. Ju 87 destroyed 12 miles north of Aachen. Aboard Mosquito NF.30 MM743. Time of claim 21.36.

28 October 1944. Fw 190 destroyed in the area of Venlo. Aboard Mosquito NF.30 MM767, squadron letters RA-D. Time 18.55.

25/26 November 1944. Ju 88G destroyed in the area of Muntz. Aboard Mosquito NF.30 MM767, squadron letters RA-D. After being put onto a contact by Rejoice CGI, Mosquito obtained a contact at four miles range, crossing to starboard, 15 degrees above. After range had been closed to two miles, target commenced moderate evasive action. Visual obtained at 16,000 feet altitude at 4,500 feet range, and after closing right in crew identified a Ju 88 nightfighter "with a Ju 188 tail." The crew also saw a Ju 88G-1 blister under the nose, black crosses on the wings and radar aerials. Mosquito dropped back to 600 feet and opened fire, producing strikes on the cockpit, engines and wing roots, which were followed by an explosion and debris, the latter striking the Mosquito and shaking it badly. E/A dived steeply and was followed on AI and visually, before it struck the ground and burned. First of three Ju 88s shot down this night by this crew - Ju 88 G-1 Wrk.Nr. 712295 of 4./NJG 4, crewed by Hauptmann Erwin Strobel (pilot), Uffz Horst Scheitzke (radar operator), and Uffz. Otto Palme (gunner), who all baled out safely. E/A crashed near Gelsenkirchen. Harrington's fifth victory.

25/26 November 1944. Ju 88G destroyed in the vicinity of Jacberath. Aboard Mosquito NF.30 MM767, squadron letters RA-D. After shooting down a Ju 88 nightfighter, Mosquito almost immediately obtained a head-on contact, which was taking evasive action and appeared to be attempting to intercept them. The two aircraft attempted to gaiin the advantage on one another. Eventually Mosquito shot down a Ju 88G of 5./NJG 4, flown by Leutnant Fensch. Second of three Ju 88 nightfighters shot down on this sortie, Harrington's sixth victory.

25/26 November 1944. Ju 88G destroyed north of Hunxe. Aboard Mosquito NF.30 MM767, squadron letters RA-D. After shooting down two other Ju 88 nightfighters, Mosquito intercepted a third Ju 88G, flown by Uffz. Goebel. Mosquito scored hits on the cockpit, engines and wing roots of e/a, which then crashed. Harrington's third victory in 18 minutes and his seventh overall. Time up 17.40, time down 21.15.